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Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Member(s): Ashlee Hardee Brown (vocals, keys), Jimmy Brown (vocals, guitar), CJ Hardee (banjo, mandolin), Jordan Hardee (drums)

Relative to: Nikki Lane, Apache Relay, Aunt Martha
Genre: folk rock, country

For when you’re: homesick for the American heartland

Release(s): The Storm & The Eye, Montibello Memories
Highlight Track(s): See The Light, More, The Storm & The Eye
Highlight Lyric: “Look for the color whenever you’re dreaming/ Follow your longing and swallow your feeling/ When you’re young, got to obey your guns” from Obey Your Guns

Highlight Review: “lush, melodic pop and rootsy folk that reflects the shared journey of those several years.” – read more at Rolling Stone

Website: www.martrimonync.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: See The Light video via Balcony TV