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Still Life Still

Hometown: Toronoto, Canada
Member(s): Brendon Saarinen (vocals, guitar), Eric Young (vocals, guitar), Derek Paulin (bass), Aaron Romaniuk (drums), Josh Romaniuk (keys, percussion)

Relative to: Arms, Field Mouse
Genre: indie rock

For when you’re: picking up the final pieces & starting new

Release(s): Pastel EP, Girls Come Too, Mourning Trance
Highlight Track(s): Burial Suit, Pastel, Revolving Doors
Highlight Lyric: “I wanna make you feel older/ So we can share our fear/ With glass flowers in our dinner/ Are we grenades if we’re here” from Pastel

Highlight Review: “the first step in their attempts at not only invading the lyric-storing centers of the brain (the lyricthalmus, for those who don’t know) but also a general invasion of the psychic space of pop music.” – read more at Tiny Mix Tapes

Website: www.stilllifestill.com
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YouTube: Burial Suit video via The Verge Online