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Hometown: New York, New York
Member(s): Jack Antonoff (guitar, vocals)

Relative to: The Colourist, Smallpools, Panama Wedding
Genre: indie pop

For when you’re: indulging in the sweet excitement of young love

Release(s): Strange Desire
Highlight Track(s): I Wanna Get Better, Shadow, Rollercoaster
Highlight Lyric: “Thought I wanted to forget my past/ Tried to leave the pieces of a broken man/ What it cost I ain’t ever getting back/ So I’m breaking the lines ’cause I wanna remember” from You’re Still A Mystery

Highlight Review: “Antonoff looks back on young love with his 11-track set that could easily soundtracked a John Hughes film. As Bleachers, he revels in spirited lyricism buoyed by ’80s-inspired music with an experimental edge. Antonoff realizes his teenage dreams to the tune of raucous dance numbers and alluring mid-tempo songs.” – read more at AXS

Website: www.bleachersmusic.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Shadow video via WBRU