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The Chevin

Hometown: Leeds, England
Member(s): Coyle Girelli (vocals), Mat Steel (guitar), Jon Langford (bass), Mal Taylor (drums)

Relative to: Churchill, Strange Talk, Animal Kingdom
Genre: alternative rock, electro-pop

For when you’re: chronicling your adventures on your red-eye back home

Release(s): Champion EP, Borderland
Highlight Track(s): Dirty Little Secret, Blue Eyes, Beautiful World
Highlight Lyric: “In the dead of night/ We light the candles/ In the loneliest shrine/ Cue the chorus line/ Hide my heartbreak/ In the rhythm and rhyme” from Drive

Highlight Review: “The Chevin has a sound that is a mix between U2 and Arcade Fire and their debut LP, Borderland, is quite cinematic in scope, filled with soaring guitars, driving drumbeats, and the angelic reverberations of lead singer Coyle Girelli’s vocals.” – read more at Short and Sweet NYC

Website: www.the-chevin.com
Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Champion video via Subway Tracks