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The Belle Game

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Member(s): Andrea Lo (vocals), Adam Nanji (vocals, guitar), Alex Andrew (guitar), Katrina Jones (vocals, keys), Rob Chursinoff (drums) with Marcus Abramzik (bass), Peter Carruthers (bass), Ian Cook (bass), Erik Nielsen (bass), Andrew Lee (trumpet), Rob Calder (trumpet), Aliza Thibodeau (violin), Kathleen Nisbet (violin)

Relative to: Snowmine, The Casket Girls, San Fermin
Genre: indie alternative pop

For when you’re: shopping for a new wardrobe

Release(s): Inventing Letter EP, Sleep to Grow EP, Ritual Tradition Habit
Highlight Track(s): Wait Up For You, Wasted Light, Bloom
Highlight Lyric: “I’ve been your river/ Since we were kids/ There’s a rhyme/ And a case/ For the things/ You’ve misplaced/ I’ve been your giver” from River

Highlight Review: “Led by the hypnotic vocals of Andrea Lo, The Belle Game take intricate guitar and keyboard lines anchored by dark pop rhythms, and weave them into gorgeous melodies…the end result possessing the rawness of a boozy confessional.” – read more at Canadian Blast

Website: www.thebellegame.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: River video via Altar TV