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Nightmare and The Cat

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Member(s): Django Stewart (vocals, tambourine), Samuel Stewart (guitar), Claire Acey (vocals, guitar, drums), Scott Henson (bass), Brandon Philips (drums)

Relative to: Churchill, Gentleman Hell, Chappo
Genre: indie rock, pop

For when you’re: putting your final touches to your costume & makeup before curtain call

Release(s): Nightmare and the Cat EP, Simple EP, Simple
Highlight Track(s): Blackbird Smile, Alvarado, The Missing Year
Highlight Lyric: “We live in our mouths and they aren’t so far apart/ I built you this house in the hollow of my heart/ You’re burning out and soon it will be dark/ My fuel is in your doubt, my fear is in your spark” from Sarah Beth

Highlight Review: “A theme song for pensively sitting in your car, staring out the window at the ocean on an overcast day or taking a spontaneous roadtrip to a city you’ve never experienced before…The cumulative sound is layered vocals, distorted atmospheric guitars and unexpected playful use of instruments that drop in and out to keep things intriguing. It’s music that makes you grin in the sun and walk down the street like a boss, never missing a beat.” – read more at Tentacleears

Website: www.nightmareandthecat.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: The Missing Year video via Sofar Sound