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Susie Suh

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Member(s): Susie Suh (vocals, guitar)

Relative to: A Fine Frenzy, Mindy Gledhill, Kina Grannis
Genre: singer songwriter

For when you’re: using every sense to absorb the moment

Release(s): Susie Suh, The Bakman Tapes, Here With Me (single)
Highlight Track(s):
Highlight Lyric: “Caught in the riptide/ I was searching for the truth/ There was a reason/ I collided into you/ Calling your name in the midnight hour/ Reaching for you from the endless dream/ So many miles between us now/ But you are always here with me” from Here With Me

Highlight Review: “an uncanny synthesis of Fiona Apple and Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. It’s almost eerie how much her sullen vocals and soothing tunes resemble those of both women, yet she is still able to maintain her own stamp. Her sweet, soulful melodies are like a slow dance through a sleepy desert” – read more at Herald Tribune

Website: www.susiesuh.com
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YouTube: In The Moonlight video via Susie Suh