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The Districts

Hometown: Lititz, Pennsylvania
Member(s): Rob Grote (vocals, guitar), Mark Larson (guitar), Connor Jacobus (bass),  Braden Lawrence (drums)

Relative to: The Shouting Matches, Benjamin Booker, Palma Violets
Genre: indie rock

For when you’re: gearing up for a big important day

Release(s): Vermont (single), The Districts EP
Highlight Track(s): Funeral Beds, Vermont, Long Distance
Highlight Lyric: “Things ain’t what they used to be, I’ve got this flickering heart set out after me/ If my mind was a poem, I burned it up long before/ And if I drink some more, I think I might drown/ Slip into silence as my heart it burns out/ I’ll find the devil inside me and I’ll nail him back down.” from Rocking Chair

Highlight Review: “It wouldn’t be fair to categorize The Districts’ music simply as indie-rock. Thoughtfully ruminating on gentle folk melodies one minute, then reveling in meaty electric guitar progressions worthy of Neil Young the next, the band performs a balancing act of varying genres and influences that helps deliver a full spectrum of emotional experience. The raspy, soulful vocals of Grote anchor the musical exploration in a studied equilibrium between raw emotional energy and purposeful control.” – read more at Lancaster Online

Website: www.thedistrictsband.com
Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

YouTube: Lyla video via Out of Town Films