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Love Migrate

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Member(s): Eddie Alexander(vocals, guitar, bells, melodica, drum), Casey Harnett (guitar), Joe Walker (electronics, keys, glockenspiel, guitar, drum, melodica), Eric Moore (drums), Pete Sismanes

Relative to: The Magnetic North, Perfume Genius
Genre: folk rock

For when you’re: embracing anonymity in a unfamiliar remote town

Release(s): Making This Hard (single), Plagued Are My Thoughts Like White Ants in the Fence, Dissolved EP
Highlight Track(s): Little Kid, I Want You To Mend, Head In The Clouds
Highlight Lyric: “All we had was black coats, to cover blackened hearts/ All we had was black coats, to hide our blackened pasts/ I’m in a foreign field, I’m in a foreign wood/ Plagued are all my thoughts, like white ants in the fence” from Plagued Are My Thoughts

Highlight Review: “ambitious, slow burning and just beautiful. The guitars move between fragile and menacing and the drums move from way up the back to right up front when the songs demand it.” – read more at Beat

Website: triplejunearthed.com/lovemigrate
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Dirty River video via Love Migrate