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Elle King

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York via Los Angeles, California
Member(s): Elle King (vocals, guitar, banjo, keys)

Relative to: Amy Winehouse, April Smith and The Big Picture Show, ZZ Ward
Genre: blues, folk, rock

For when you’re: getting back on your feet after a break up

Release(s): The Elle King EP
Highlight Track(s): No One Can Save You, Playing For Keeps, Good to Be A Man
Highlight Lyric: “You prayed to have your name scattered on the lips of the young/ Now, you claim that it’s you on the tips of their tongue/ And if you’re proud of what you had to kill to get your thrill, well/ I bet it stings to give up everything and realize they don’t want you” from Playing for Keeps

Highlight Review: “Elle King’s voice on stage, backed by a banjo, has all the ferocity of a mountain lion with a bone to pick. The singer-songwriter, whose style tears through the walls between soul, blues and old-school rock ‘n’ roll, follows a storied tradition of women with something to say.” – read more at Austin 360

Website: www.elleking.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Can’t Be Loved video via eTown