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Night Beats

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Member(s): Lee Blackwell (vocals, guitar), Tarek Wegner (vocals, bass, guitar), James Traeger (drums)

Relative to: Bass Drum of Death, The Growlers, Parquet Courts
Genre: psych rock

For when you’re: seeking the raw nature in rock ‘n’ roll

Release(s): H-Bomb EP, Night Beats, Messiah/Good Time Blues EP, Sonic Bloom
Highlight Track(s): Puppet on a String, Playing Dead, Love Ain’t Strange
Highlight Lyric: “High inside my coffin/ Hign inside the womb/ High inside your sister’s carcass/ Is all I wanna do/
Do I satisfy your mind/ All you wanna do/ Don’t this satisfy your mind/ All you wanna do” from Satisfy Your Mind

Highlight Review: “For a band attempting to expose progressive punk-struck frenzies with corrosive guitar riffing whilst simultaneously cloaking their soundscapes in mesmerising spatial cues; it’s clear that Night Beats are on a steady upward trajectory.” – read more at Rolling Stone

Website: troubleinmindrecs.com/bands/nightbeats.html
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YouTube: As You Want video via Roundabout Films SA