Hometown: Baraboo, Wisconsin
Member(s): Matt Holmen (flugelhorn, banjo, guitar), J. Sean Krunnfusz (bass), Monica Martin (vocals, trombone, accordion, kazoo), Dave Roberts (vocals, drums), Matteo Roberts (keys), Zach Johnston (vocals, banjo, guitar)

Relative to: Kina Grannis, Cat Power, The Belle Game
Genre: soul pop

For when you’re: riding the wave of inspiration and working until the early morning

Release(s): PHOX
Highlight Track(s): Slow Motion, Shrinking Violets, King Fisher
Highlight Lyric: “The garnet her stone, ever gleaming/ And Edith’s hope was for love but she doesn’t hear of her grandchildren grieving/ No, eldest raised by Al Ringling/ Spirit granted from Sing Sing/ All of her hear is for drugs
And she doesn’t car that everyone’s leaving/ Her blood is our blood too, I know” from 1936

Highlight Review: “the kind of band that sounds thoroughly modern, like a time capsule of indie-pop circa 2014. Which is to say it’s the latest ensemble that mines classic strains of folk, pop, and soul with a dynamic woman on lead vocals…This is immaculate music, beautifully arranged, driven by acoustic instruments, and full of space in the melodies that ride singer Monica Martin’s voice like a gentle breeze.” – read more at The Boston Globe

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YouTube: Slow Motion/Blue and White video via Audiotree TV