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Cloud Cult

Hometown: Duluth, Minnesota
Member(s): Craig Minowa (vocals, guitar), Arlen Peiffer (drums), Shawn Neary (bass, trombone), Shannon Frid-Rubin (violin), Sarah Elhardt-Perbix (keys, French horn, trumpet), Connie Minowa (visuals), Scott West (visuals, trumpet), Dan Zamzow (cello)

Relative to: Typhoon, Freelance Whales, Yellow Ostrich
Genre: experimental pop, orchestral folk

For when you’re: sick of the standard 4/4 timing and vocal acrobatics of common pop

Release(s): The Shade Project, Who Killed Puck?, Lost Songs from the Lost Years, They Live on the Sun, Aurora Borealis, Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus, The Meaning of 8, Feel Good Ghosts, Light Chasers, Love, Unplug
Highlight Track(s): Sleepwalker, Chemicals Collide, Lucky Today
Highlight Lyric: “Life is a playground, but it takes a lot work/ You better learn to love, or it’ll tear you apart/ Cause in the end, we are measured by the size of our heart/ And we can’t do this alone” from Good Friend

Highlight Review: “combines indie pop, jazzy improvisation, chamber pop, folk, and classic pop…Minowa’s voice falls in the tradition of high-pitched screamer/crooners such as Wayne Coyne, Isaac Brock, and Doug Martsch, and like these singers, Minowa emphasizes sincerity over technicality…even when the topic matter veers towards the somber, the lyrics always include an element of hope.” – read more at PopMatters

Website: www.cloudcult.com
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YouTube: You’re the Only Thing in Your Way video via MN Originals