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Conner Youngblood

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Member(s): Conner Youngblood (vocals, guitar, production)

Relative to: Daniel Wilson, William Fitzsimmons
Genre: lo-fi electro folk

For when you’re: watching the rain fall and collecting your thoughts

Release(s): Make Me Faster EP, Confidence EP
Highlight Track(s): The Warpath, Vegas, Amelia
Highlight Lyric: “With fingers on the trigger/ My confidence is foiled/ Discovered our new fear, while standing ten feet tall/ We tossed in the air, we lost it in the sun/ Now there’s nothing left to hold on, what has confidence become” from Confidence

Highlight Review: “his beautifully haunting tune “Monsters”. The song was so beyond anything we had ever heard before, and still is to this day. A detached, country-style banjo strums faintly behind a spacey dubstep wobble…all while this entrancing voice radiates over it. It was musically fascinating…” – read more at Live For The Funk

Website: www.conneryoungblood.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: A Summer Song video via Kenan Ali