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Jose Gonzalez

Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden
Member(s): Jose Gonzalez (vocals, guitar, bass)

Relative to: Iron & Wine, Nick Drake, Alexi Murdock
Genre: indie folk

For when you’re: traversing dreamscapes

Release(s): Veneer, Our Nature
Highlight Track(s): Heartbeats, Cycling Trivialities,
Highlight Lyric: “There’s a rhythm in rush these days/ Where the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade/ Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams/ In a world gone shallow/ In a world gone lean” from Stay Alive

Highlight Review: “González takes the basic elements of an acoustic troubadour’s craft and explores their possibilities, not only as ingredients of songs, but as sounds to be enjoyed in their own right. A stray breath, the buzzing of guitar strings, a hand scraping across the frets: these are all shades in González’s palette.” – read more at Pitchfork

Website: www.josegonzalez.com
Twitter | Facebook

YouTube: Line of Fire/ Stay In The Shade/Down The Line video via Electronic Beats