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Lucy Rose

Hometown: Warwickshire, England via Surrey, England
Member(s): Lucy Rose (vocals, guitar, keys, percussion)

Relative to: The Staves, Daughter, Passenger
Genre: singer-songwriter

For when you’re: trying to ease your broken heart

Release(s): Middle of the Bed EP, Like I Used To
Highlight Track(s): Bike, Be Alright, Scar
Highlight Lyric: “Someway/ Don’t take forever will you/ Someway/ Come find me don’t be scared/ Everybody knows you’re guessing/ Don’t want you to wish it all away before it starts” from Little Brave

Highlight Review: “Lucy’s unpretentious, straight from the heart folk music is the perfect counterpoint to the maximalism that is so rife across the airwaves….Anyone with a passing interest in folk or the gentler side of indie should take the time to enjoy Lucy Rose’s tender tales of love, heartbreak and happiness.” – read more at Pigeons and Planes

Website: www.lucyrosemusic.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Shiver video via BBC (Glastonbury 2014)