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Hometown: Urbana, Illinois
Member(s): Stan McConnell (vocals, guitar), Vivian McConnell (vocals, guitar), Steve Plock (vocals, drums), Otto Stuparitz (vocals, bass), Tommy Trafton (keys)

Relative to: Turtle Giant, Chappo, Suckers
Genre: alternative folk

For when you’re: cruising through the vast, open midwest

Release(s): White Noise Bed, You’re Still A Lover, Awwh Man (single)
Highlight Track(s): Indigo, Overgrown, Springfield
Highlight Lyric: “I’d like to dive, jump off the side, or do a cannonball/ All of my actions uninhibited just like my jaw/ But when I’m walking by the water like a woman with you/ I think it’s fine to just pause–oh what of you” from North Coast

Highlight Review: “Warm, fuzzy, with more hooks per minute than a Costco-sized bucket of Superchunk, ecstatic coded emotions pulled from a Slanted & Enchanted outtake with a pastoral Lindsay and Stevie Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac vibe creeping in—altogether, it’s a nice little jangly, innocent slab of musical cloudspace that’s sure to make a splash with kids these days.” – read more at Time Out

Website: www.santahmusic.com
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YouTube: Teeth video via Sofar Sounds