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Betty Who

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Member(s): Jessica Anne Newham(vocals, keys, guitar, cello)

Relative to: Haim, P!nk, Goldroom
Genre: electro-pop

For when you’re: in a feel-good mood and nothing can get you down

Release(s): The Movement EP, Slow Dancing EP
Highlight Track(s): Somebody Loves You, Alone Again, Heartbreak Dream
Highlight Lyric: “Call me pretty young thing/ Make me weak until I’m speechless/ Falling into you/ Hear my mad machine gun heartbeat/ Pounding right beside you/ Giving me away” from Giving Me Away

Highlight Review: “fresh ’80s-inspired dance beats and synths layered over vividly narrative lyrics (Betty Who counts “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” as an influence), let us commiserate with so-what, it’ll-all-be-okay smiles on our faces.” – read more at Elle

Website: www.bettywhomusic.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: High Society video via Betty Who