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Incan Abraham

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Member(s): Giuliano Pizzulo (vocals, keys), Teddy Cafaro (vocals, guitar), Spencer Mandel (bass), Andrew Clinco (drums)

Relative to: Caveman, Pure Bathing Culture, Ski Lodge
Genre: indie pop, dream rock

For when you’re: day is moving slow along the sweltering Summer

Release(s): Ancient Vacation, Springhouse EP, Tolerance
Highlight Track(s): Concorde, In Milan
Highlight Lyric: “I sell quandaries/ Impudent smokescreens/ All shame, no chic/ Don’t assume/ Run to the corner/ You’ll feel safe and sound” from Sunscreen

Highlight Review: “With haunting synth guitars and textured percussion, an Incan Abraham song feels like a memory even the first time you listen to it, a soundscape for a road trip you’ve already taken.” – read more at Time

Website: www.vincanabraham.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Springhouse video via The HoC