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Mina Tindle

Hometown: Paris, France
Member(s): Mina Tindle (vocals, guitar)

Relative to: Alela Diane, Liz Green, Melissa Laveaux
Genre: French folk pop

For when you’re: planting and pruning in your new garden

Release(s): Mina Tindle, Taranta, I Command (single)
Highlight Track(s): Pan, Lovely Day, Too Loud
Highlight Lyric: “My bones will be no stronger than pieces of paper/ If you dance that waltz with me/ No matter how hard it is to forget all that we have/ And if I fall would you fall with me” from To Carry Many Small Things

Highlight Review: “Wonderfully crafted Americana meets Parisienne elegance, all that sung in the languages of Steinbeck, Simenon or Vargas Losa. The possibilities are endless and Mina Tindle has only just started to work her musical magic.” – read more at For Noise

Website: www.minatindle.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: The Kingdom video via Cargo Video