St. Lucia

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York via Johannesburg, South Africa
Member(s): Jean-Philip Grobler (vocals, keys) with Patricia Beranek (vocals, keys, percussion), Nick Brown (drums), Ross Clark (vocals, guitar), Nick Paul (keys, synth)

Relative to: Slow Magic, Ghost Beach, Summer Heart
Genre: indie electro-pop

For when you’re: making your moves at a rooftop dance party

Release(s): St. Lucia EP, September EP, When the Night
Highlight Track(s): All Eyes On You, Closer Than This, Call Me Up
Highlight Lyric: “There’s no way to wake up now/ Too many times I saw you cry/ And no one can make up it/ You wait for the sun to make the sky/ And no one elevates you, elevates you now/ And no one’s gonna take you, gonna take you there” from Elevate

Highlight Review: “A synth-pop symphony that deals in dreamy dance-floor melodrama and lush, sparkling textures” – read more at Spin

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YouTube: September video via Music Feed (Sony Studios)