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Young Wonder

Hometown: Cork, Ireland
Member(s): Ian Ring (production), Rachel Koeman (vocals)

Relative to: Goldroom, Lorde, Body Language
Genre: electro pop

For when you’re: working through your science project

Release(s): Young Wonder, Show Your Teeth EP
Highlight Track(s): Flesh, Bullet, Orange
Highlight Lyric: “My brittle bones are breaking, breaking/ It’s so bracing outside/ Showers and showers of unhappiness/ Pulling air to the little tunnels in my brain/ I can hear the familiar voices rumble, rumble” from Time

Highlight Review: “The voice of Rachel Koeman is like nothing you’ve ever heard. High pitched, creaky and slightly abrasive, all of this somehow works with the driving beats, and extremely diverse instrumentals to produce something that will literally blow your mind. Alienesque and deeply otherworldly, you feel like you are listening to music that won’t be played regularly for 50 more years.” – read more at Violent Success

Website: www.youngwonder.me
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: To You video via Andrew Jordan