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Lost Lander

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Member(s): Matt Sheehy (vocals, guitar), Sarah Fennell (keys), Dave Lowensohn (bass), Patrick Hughes (drums)

Relative to: Tan Vampires, The Eastern Sea, Wake Owl
Genre: alternative folk pop

For when you’re: taking a detour off the woodland hiking trail to find a small oasis

Release(s): DRRT
Highlight Track(s): Dig (How It Feels to Lay in the Soft Light), Cold Feet, Gossamer
Highlight Lyric: “the neighbors whisper/ Wonder if they should care/ Find her talking with no one/ Softly kissing the air/ Down the stairwell/ The day that he left/ Her body remembers/ What her mind will forget/ You can never go home” from Afraid of Summer

Highlight Review: “Within the 10 songs, Sheehy wrestles with relationships, information overload and modern anxiety, while guitars glisten and strut and stretch out into an expansive musical world.” – read more at Oregon Live

Website: www.lost-lander.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Cold Feet video via KEXP