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Hunter Hunted

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Member(s): Michael Garner (vocals, keys) and Dan Chang (vocals, guitar)

Relative to: Alt-J, Sir Sly, Thumpers
Genre: indie pop

For when you’re: spending the day at the amusement park on the hottest day of Summer

Release(s): Hunter Hunted EP
Highlight Track(s): Operating, Gentle Folks
Highlight Lyric: “Runaway train/ Hits the delicate art/ It twisted the paint/ Like Dora Maar” from Dora Maar

Highlight Review: ” an upbeat, dancy tempo, gorgeous vocal harmonies, and lyrics that urge you to sing along with them. Press play, and see how long you can go without smiling and dancing in your chair.” – read more at The Music Ninja

Website: www.hunterhuntedmusic.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Keep It Together video via Sofar Sounds