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Farewell Milwaukee

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Member(s): Ben Lubeck (vocals, guitar), Brad Fox (drums, percussion), Adam Lamoureux (vocals, keys),  David Strahan (guitar), Aaron Markson (vocals, guitar), Joey Ryan (bass)

Relative to: Beta Radio, Aunt Martha, Dawes
Genre: folk rock

For when you’re: returning to your Midwest hometown to relieve you from a troubled city life

Release(s): Autumn Rest Easy, When It Sinks, Can’t Please You Can’t Please Me
Highlight Track(s): Coming Round to Get You, Way Out, When It Sinks
Highlight Lyric: “And I thought you were standing in my way/ That’s why I didn’t fight to have you stay/ And the day you walked out my front door/ The veil of shadows lifted/ And I saw that I was losing / Someone that I’ve never wanted more” from Save Me From Myself

Highlight Review: “The beauty of an acoustic guitar. The easy flow of the harmonies. The steady groove of the back line. The heartache yearning squeal of the electric guitar. This is Americana at its finest. This is Farewell Milwaukee.” – read more at Indie Music Reviewer

Website: www.farewellmilwaukee.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: The Wallpaper’s Gonna Swallow You Whole video via MN Originals