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Hometown: New York, New York
Member(s): Laura Pergolizzi (vocals, guitar, ukulele)

Relative to: Stevie Nicks, Katie Herzig
Genre: indie pop rock

For when you’re: celebrating the coming of Spring at the botanical garden

Release(s): Heart-shaped Scar, Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol, Forever For Now
Highlight Track(s): Into the Wild, Night Like This
Highlight Lyric: ” Said a lot of words along the way/ I meant them all while we reigned/ But shores of love get beaten by the waves/ And after it was done I wish I’d saved time/ One less spark from the flame/ One more heartbeat away” from Tokyo Sunrise

Highlight Review: “American indie rocker who will blow your mind with her unique sound. Reminiscent of The Jezebels mixed with Beirut, LP’s sound is epic and enrapturing.” – read more at Naked Underground

Website: www.iamlp.com
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YouTube: Levitator video via LP