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Friska Viljor

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Member(s): Joakim Sveningsson (vocals, mandolin), Daniel Johansson (vocals, guitar) with Mattias Areskog (vocals, bass), Ludvig Rylander (vocals, guitar), Maria Linden (vocals, organ), Markus Bergkvist (vocals, drums)

Relative to: The Mowglis, Shout Out Louds
Genre: indie folk pop

For when you’re: honing your amateur writing skills to draft up a poem about your first love

Release(s): Bravo!, Tour de Hearts, For New Beginnings, The Beginnings of the Beginning of the End, Remember Our Name
Highlight Track(s): Stalker, Old Man, Larlonov
Highlight Lyric: “Have you felt your life decay/ The love you had go away/ And nothing really matters anymore/ There’s no light, there’s no light/ There’s no light when you’re alone” from To Be Alone

Highlight Review: “the Stockholm duo’s music is, even in sombre moments, eternally uplifting and driven by positive vibes.” – read more at Toro Magazine

Website: www.friskaviljor.net
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YouTube: My Thing video via Berlin Sessions