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Roo Panes

Hometown: Dorset, England
Member(s): Roo Panes (vocals, mandolin, guitar), Georgie Harris (viola), Joanne Sy (cello), Sean Hatton (drums), Deborah Panes (vocals)

Relative to: Matthew and the Atlas, James Vincent McMorrow, Alexi Murdoch
Genre: indie folk

For when you’re: finally home after a long days travel in the pouring rain

Release(s): Once, Weight of Your World EP, Land of the Living EP
Highlight Track(s): Silver Moon, Open Road
Highlight Lyric: “Dawn woke, I knew that it was time for my return/ But this time it will likely hurt as hell/ Sometimes way across the ocean on a far away shore/ We both stand and we both call, both call” from Indigo Home

Highlight Review: “introspective lyrics with acoustic guitar and sweeping strings. It’s an emotive, unfussy sound that has once again become counterculture.” – read more at Interview Magazine

Website: www.roopanes.co.uk
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: I’ll Move Mountains video via Burberry