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Run River North

Hometown: San Fernando Valley, California
Member(s): Alex Hwang (vocals, acoustic guitar), Daniel Chae (electric guitar/violin), Jennifer Rim (violin), Joseph Chun (bass), John Chong (drums), Sally Kang (vocals/keys)

Relative to: The Oh Hellos, The Last Bison, Of Monsters and Men
Genre: folk rock

For when you’re: completely broken down and coming to terms with your situation in a spiritual revelation

Release(s): Run River North
Highlight Track(s): Monsters Calling Home, Lying Beast
Highlight Lyric: “I used to close my eyes/ To what stirred under my bed/ Now they’re open wide/ To the monsters in my bed/ Instead of claws, they whisper lies/ Sinking fear in quiet steps/ So I will fight in the light/ ‘Til I give my final breath.” from Growing Up

Highlight Review: “an aggressive brand of indie pop, indebted to the folk tradition that their debut EP rung of, but bursting with far more energy.” – read more at Philthy Mag

Website: home.runrivernorth.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Lying Beasts video via Sofar Sounds