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The Submarines

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Member(s): John Dragonetti (vocals, guitar), Blake Hazard (vocals, guitar, xylophone), Jason Stare (drums), Scott Barber (bass, keys)

Relative to: Mates of State, Faded Paper Figures, Bishop Allen
Genre: indie pop

For when you’re: chasing after a Summer time romance

Release(s): Declare a New State!, Honeysuckle Weeks, Love Notes/Letter Bombs
Highlight Track(s): You Me & the Bourgeoisie, Submarine Symphonika, A Satellite Stars and Ocean Behind You
Highlight Lyric: “Outside my window reverse the rain drops/ They’ll run together like the Nile to the sea/ As I wait for sunrise I’m worlds away/ But all the continents dividing couldn’t take you from me” from Where You Are

Highlight Review: “The LA-via-Boston husband-wife duo make witty, conflicted nuptial pop about the tribulations and rewards of marriage and commitment, with each album more conflicted and more insightful than the last.” – read more at Paste Magazine

Website: www.thesubmarines.com
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YouTube: Fire video via Baeble Music