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Hometown: Denton, Texas
Member(s): Trenton Wheeler (vocals, ukulele), Nathan James Allen (vocals, guitar, banjo),  Aaron David Stoner (bass, cello, trumpet), Jenny Moscoso (vocals), Leoncarlo Canlas (violin), Jordan Rochefort (drums), Scarlett Dearing (fiddle)

Relative to: The Lone Bellow, Eliza and the Bear, Desert Noises
Genre: indie folk

For when you’re: jumping into puddles from an unexpected sun shower

Release(s): This is Where We Are, Ivory Black (single), Disappear (single)
Highlight Track(s): We Will All Be Changed, Ivory Black, So Within
Highlight Lyric: “Oh, that we’re only/ Where this is moving/ We can feel the end/ Come like the sun/ Know that you’re glowing/ Feels like we just begun/ Oh that we’ve only just arrived/ All that we have is what’s inside/ Only the lonely get away unharmed” from Towering

Highlight Review: “If human beings were allowed to enter the realm of angels, if they were allowed the divine privilege of witnessing a chorus of angels singing, that chorus would surely sound like Seryn. The young Denton quintet has worked diligently to perfect their chill-inducing harmonies and multi-instrumental skills.” – read more at Violitionist

Website: www.serynsound.com
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YouTube: Paths video via Music City Roots