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Hometown: Rochester, New York
Member(s): Dan Armbruster (vocals, guitar), Sean Donnelly (bass), Andrew York (keys, percussion), Paul Brenner (drums)

Relative to: Hotchip, St. Lucia
Genre: electro pop, dance, funk

For when you’re: making the best of a late night layover in an empty airport with your own solo dance party

Release(s): Ridge (single), Koda Vista, 88888 Mixtape, How Do You Feel EP
Highlight Track(s): Tongues, Golden State, Now
Highlight Lyric: “Plucked from an ocean/ Immersed in commotion/ I’m mixing potions/ If you could help me out, you could help me out” from Anemone

Highlight Review: “Joywave just have a knack for proper artistic arrangement it seems. It’s hard to find a composition these guys have made that is not at least intriguing to some degree. The band’s newest release is no exception from the quality one might come to expect ” – read more at The Sifting Pan

Website: www.joywavemusic.om
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Winnepeg/Ridge/Who Do You Like/ True Grit/ Traveling At The Speed of Light/ Anemone/ Golden State/ Smokestacks/ A.M. video via Joywave