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Olympic Ayres

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Member(s): Kamaliza Salamba (vocals), Nathan Mifsud (bass, guitar), Miles Thomas (drums)

Relative to: Mystery Skulls, RAC, Tan Vampires
Genre: dance, electro pop

For when you’re: showing off your dance moves at a Summer beach party

Release(s): Episode I EP, Episode II EP, Magic (single), Episode III  EP, Take Flight (single)
Highlight Track(s): Magic, Girl, River Song
Highlight Lyric: “There’s something in the water/ The monsters start to creep/ You’ve turned a different colour/ A treasure I can’t keep/ There’s something in the cupboard/ It’s watching every move/ Who says you won’t recover/ What path you gonna choose?” from Magic

Highlight Review: “treated to the throbbing bass-line and flourishes of percussion that have become their signature. They have always had a great ability to bridge the gap between numerous genres, and nothing’s changed here as they blend indie-pop, electro, dance and disco together…” – read more at Indie Shuffle

Website: www.olympicayres.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Take Flight video via Olympic Ayers