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Hometown:  Nashville, Tennessee
Member(s):  Tyler Burkum (guitar), Thad Cockrell (vocals), Jeremy Lutito (drums)

Relative to: Young the Giant,  Last Royals, Wild Cub
Genre: pop rock

For when you’re: weaving between people as you skate on by

Release(s): You Belong Here
Highlight Track(s): Walking Backwards, Haunted
Highlight Lyric: “You can’t control it/ It’s like a river/ It’s on a journey/ It’s running free/ We fight against it/ We should know better/ We’re slow learners/ You and Me” from Mind Games

Highlight Review: “the group (Leagues) takes its audience along as it explores ways to fuse influences, ultimately projecting something akin to a classic-rock-rooted, alt-friendly band of renaissance men.” – read more at Knoxville

Website: www.leaguesmusic.com
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YouTube: Spotlight video via Chicago Music Exchange