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The Unwinding Hours

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Member(s): Craig B (vocals, guitar), Iain Cook (guitar, bass, piano)

Relative to: Meursault, Wye Oak, Other Lives
Genre: alternative folk rock

For when you’re: deeply inhaling that first breath of fresh air after a time of being stifled and constricted

Release(s): The Unwinding Hours, Afterlives
Highlight Track(s): Knut, Break, Skin on Skin
Highlight Lyric: “I saw you/ Through the rain/ Through the storms/ But in the final hour/ You showed me
That meant nothing at all” from The Final Hour

Highlight Review: “It is roundly striking, vital and life-giving. Every beat counts. Every bass note. Piano chord. Synth peal. Kitchen sink (no, really). Silence.” – read more at The Quietus

Website: www.theunwindinghours.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Dogs video via Unwinding Hours