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Cold Blood Club

Photo by Deby Riquelme

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Member(s): Kendra Jones (vocals), Tom Stuart (vocals, guitar), Jesse Reno (bass), Shin Kamei (drums), Hilary Davis (violin), Adina Benno (synth), Garrett Vorbeck (percussion), Tyler Babushkin (guitar)

Relative to: Small Black, Holy Ghost!, Beat Connection
Genre: pop dance

For when you’re: done with the party, done with the after party, and looking to dance your heart out til dawn

Release(s): Goodbye to All That (single), Down (single), Headlines & Firefights
Highlight Track(s): Goodbye to All That, Ladies and Gentleman, Dirrrt Drrrive
Highlight Lyric: “I never really gave up, I just ran/ It’s hard to be a theif and play the straight man/ So you must see something I don’t understand/ I could pledge my lips to silence/ But that’s impossible to promise/ We’re going down” from Down

Highlight Review: “Cold Blood Club, which has been called “fist-pumping” and “too catchy for their own good,” clearly has its own blend of soul, rock and pop, but adds inspiration from the likes of New Order, Depeche Mode, Broken Social Scene and The Flaming Lips” – read more at Downtown Magazine NYC

Website: www.coldbloodclub.com
Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

YouTube: Ladies & Gentleman video via Break Thru Radio TV