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Dangerous Ponies

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Member(s): Chrissy Tashjian (vocals, guitar), Evan Bernard (vocals, guitar), Kyle Pulley (guitar), Chris Baglivo (vocals, bass), Mikey Tashjian (drums), Brooks Banker (vocals, keys), Sarah Green (vocals, keys)

Relative to: The Lovely Bad Things, Islands, Cloud Nothings
Genre: indie pop

For when you’re: strolling around, cooling off with ice cream in the middle of Summer

Release(s): Tender Heart EP, Dangerous Ponies
Highlight Track(s): You are Dangerous, Ghosts, We
Highlight Lyric: “What you know of the world/ Are you being a dead girl/ Your time had come the time is past/
You know that nothing ever lasts/ Tie the knots, knots to tie/ Cause I don’t wanna die/ Let the lead, lead the pack/ Cause I aint coming back” from On a Liner Pt 1

Highlight Review: “When you listen to South Philly’s Dangerous Ponies, it’s a splendid, joyous experience. Their sunbeamy brand of ‘60s pop-infused, gang vocals adorin’ circus masquerade rock is the type that morphs you into a high-octane gale on the dancefloor.” – read more at The Deli Magazine

Website: dangerousponies.tumblr.com
Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

YouTube: Gave Up video via MrDangerousPonies