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Low Fat Getting High

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Member(s): Michael Sincavage (vocals, guitar), Artie Tan (bass), Kaleen Reading (drums)

Relative to: Pissed Jeans, Metz, No Age
Genre: punk rock, grunge

For when you’re: channeling your anger to the mosh pit

Release(s): Bad Yoga
Highlight Track(s): Better Better Worse, The Claw
Highlight Lyric:“Beautiful wrath, beautiful wrath of hatred/ Hey it’s so pink when you leave In my dreams/ It’s like a blanket, like a pillow, like a warm flannel sheet/ In a beach house, in a town house, in a guest house by a stream/ I will hate you in the morning, when I wake, when I’m asleep” from My Hate

Highlight Review: “The aggressive grunge punk trio known as Low Fat Getting High smacks your airwaves with a sound that is bursting with energy, catchy choruses and rough edges.” – read more at The Deli Magazine

Website: www.lowfatgettinghigh.com
Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

YouTube: Start All Over Again video via Pretext Social Club