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The Acorn

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Member(s): Rolf Klausener, Steven Lappano, Jeff Debutte, Jeffrey Malecki, Pat Johnson

Relative to: Great Lake Swimmers, Bowerbirds, A.A. Bondy
Genre: indie folk

For when you’re: on an early Spring trip to the botanical garden

Release(s): The Pink Ghosts, Glory Hope Mountain, Heron Act, Little Elms, Ear Worms, No Ghost
Highlight Track(s): Bobcat Goldwraith, Lullaby (Mountain),
Highlight Lyric: “Concentric circles signal dinner time/ The tidal waves that skim the surface/ We’re split along the seams/ We’ve all been gnawing at the bone/ And your last breath left us dangling from your spine/ And that was fine”  from Restoration

Highlight Review: “While the members of The Acorn chose to keep many of the traits that have made them so popular — the delicate lyricism, the tender, multi-layered arrangements — they’ve also learned to let themselves go a little mad, too. There’s a distinct boldness that accompanies the band’s transformation, one that’s loud and refreshing.” – read more at Prefix Mag

Website: www.theacorn.ca
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YouTube: Dents video via LaundroMatinee