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Rival Sons

Hometown: Long Beach, California
Member(s): Jay Buchanan (vocals), Scott Holiday (guitar), Michael Miley (drums), Dave Beste (bass)

Relative to: Graveyard, The Black Crowes, Radio Moscow
Genre: blues rock

For when you’re: strutting across the room, knowing all eyes are on you

Release(s): Before the Fire, Pressure & Time, Head Down, Rivals Sons, Great Western Valkyrie
Highlight Track(s): Pressure and Time, Sleepwalker, Tell Me Something
Highlight Lyric: “You did it all with feeling/ And failure, you took it gracefully/ You said third star to the right/ And straight on until morning/ When you need me, you know/ That’s where I’ll be” from Jordan

Highlight Review: “Hailing from Southern California, Rival Sons are an eclectic four-piece built for rock ‘n’ roll. The band’s sound is shaped by morsels of influence bestowed upon them by early greats like Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. These boys know their roots — blues, soul, groove — and they’re not afraid to let everything seep through.” – read more at Rock Edition

Website: www.rivalsons.com
Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

YouTube: Keep on Swinging video via Last.FM