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Hometown: Paris, France
Member(s): OJ (production), Gold (production)

Relative to: Dan the Automator, Suff Daddy, Elaquent
Genre: ethereal hip hop, jazz, funk

For when you’re: sipping drinks and people watching at an upscale night club

Release(s): Analogtronics
Highlight Track(s): Mystery Part I, Coco Mango
Highlight Lyric: “Rhymes that is right, it is complex/ Yet it is as simple for you to process/ It’s like black hair, that’s why they always pick it/ It’s like cashmere, you love the way it’s fittin’/ We share the same sentiments, but i say it different/ That’s why they always pay for the play, i’m on the way to kick it/ Wait until the weight is lifted, But that’ll never happen/ until bucket gets kicked, I’ll be forever rappin'” from Time Leak

Highlight Review: “a subgenre of hip-hop is born, composed of unruly soul and electronic resonance.  The soulful reverberation created by Union almost seems to demand the likes of Q-Tip, Black Milk, Black Thought or D’Angelo to rhyme, flow, or sing on their production, cementing their legacy.” – read more at Okay Player

Website: unionanalogtronics.tumblr.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Digital Delight/ Good Morning video via Un Bon Album