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Langhorne Slim

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York via Langhorne, Pennsylvania
Member(s): Sean Scolnik (vocals, guitar), Malachi DeLorenzo (drums), David Moore (banjo, keys), Jeff Ratner (bass)

Relative to: Dawes, The Felice Brothers, Tallest Man on Earth
Genre: roots rock, folk

For when you’re: stoking the fire while in the great outdoors

Release(s): Electric Love Letter, When the Sun’s Gone Down, Engine EP, Langhorne Slim, Be Set Free, The Way We Move
Highlight Track(s): Salvation, In The Midnight, Be Set Free
Highlight Lyric: “In the belly of the whale/ In my bedroom I can’t sleep/ And all my friends got crooked tales/ That’s the way I like it that’s the company I keep” from The Way We Move

Highlight Review: “Langhorne Slim and the Law refuse to tiptoe their way from genre to genre, they howl and kick their way through to yield an alt-country-blues-folk-soul-punk-rock dialectic that is accessible enough for the casual listener, and nuanced enough to hook even the snobbiest enthusiast.” – read more at Six One Zero Magazine

Website: www.langhorneslim.com
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YouTube: Coffee Cups video via Cabin Country