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The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Member(s): Michael LoPresti (vocals, guitar, keys), Mark Porostosky (vocals, mandolin, guitar, keys, glockenspiel), Matthew LoPresti (percussion), Aaron Smith (violin, guitar, keys), Steve Diaz (percussion, guitar)

Relative to: Blind Pilot, Matthew and the Atlas, Fossil Collective
Genre: indie folk pop

For when you’re: trying to stay in the present but your mind is wandering

Release(s): A Whisper A Clamour, The Lighthouse and The Whaler, Pioneers EP, This is an Adventure
Highlight Track(s): Windows, Pioneers, This is an Adventure
Highlight Lyric: “Even when all her thoughts have passed/ The world seems clear now she’s emptied her head/ Where she hides behind all the words she spilled/Like a veil of text that she’s draped behind” from White Days

Highlight Review: “They weave together a less west coast, more mid-western and yet similar synth-pop vibe, a la Vampire Weekend, with an altogether jubilant sound that carries throughout the album and brings both lyrics and vocals to life in a vibrant and enjoyable way. Their vocals always on the upswing and melodies arcing towards the dance-able, these musicians have hit a stride that is both cutting edge and a mix of things listeners will find familiar.” – read more at Glide Magazine

Website: www.thelighthouseandthewhaler.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: This Is an Adventure video via Paste Magazine