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Hometown: New York, New York
Member(s): Rostam Batmanglij (vocals, keys), Wesley Miles (vocals) with Ezra Koenig (vocals) and Angel Deradoorian (vocals)

Relative to: Hot Chip, Neon Indian
Genre: electro dance pop

For when you’re: floating around in your above ground pool sipping on lemonade

Release(s): LP
Highlight Track(s): Osaka Loop Line, Orange Shirt
Highlight Lyric: “If I was a boy at sea/ I would be swinging from a broken tree/ I would be down on my back looking up at stars at night/ And if I could get back to reach to reach the saltiest of evergreens/ You know that I would turn back just to fight the whites of iron eyes” from Swing Tree

Highlight Review: “a joyous run through the tropes of contemporary R&B…perfect for summer days spent sitting around on a busted-ass lawn chair with a case of cheap beer.” – read more at Prefix Mag

Website: www.dscvry.com

YouTube: N/A