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Foy Vance

Hometown: Bangor, England
Member(s): Foy Vance (vocals, guitar)

Relative to: Matthew and the Atlas, Dan Mangan, Paper Kites
Genre: folk

For when you’re: lying awake trying to make sense of a complicated situation

Release(s): Blueprints EP, Watermelon Oranges EP, Gabriel and the Vagabond EP, Hope, Portraits of the Artist EP, Time Lays Low EP, Melrose EP, Joy of Nothing
Highlight Track(s): Feel for Me, Guiding Light
Highlight Lyric: “I’m on my own again/ Though the sun still shines/ With no point, no language, no friends/ There’s just the passing of time” from Paper Prince

Highlight Review: “a jubilant romp of acoustic bliss, juxtaposed with loud flurries of orchestral intensity. Quiet and loud in all the right places.” – read more at Bearded Magazine

Website: www.foyvance.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Closed Hand, Full of Friends video via Foy Vance