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Hometown: Denton, Texas
Member(s): Eric Pulido (vocals, guitar, keys), McKenzie Smith (drums), Paul Alexander (vocals, keys, bassoon, guitars), Eric Nichelson (guitar, autoharp), Jesse Chandler (vocals, keys, piano, flute), Joey McClellan (vocals, guitar) with Tim Smith (vocals, guitars, keys)

Relative to: Other Lives, Volcano Choir, America
Genre: indie folk rock

For when you’re: a bit blazed staring out the window during a down pour

Release(s): Milkmaid Grand Army EP, Bamnan and Silvercork, Balloon Maker EP, The Trials of Van Occupanther, Oak & Julian EP, Acts of Man (12″),  The Courage of Others, Fortune EP, Antiphon
Highlight Track(s): Roscoe, Antiphon, Acts of Man
Highlight Lyric: “Time will have warranted all that the foliage brung/ Falls to the ground at the feet of the old and the young/ Tired and worn from a life made of wallow and pain/ Of what will be made is all that remains at the core” from The Old and the Young

Highlight Review: “packed with psychedelic rock, positivity, rousing harmonies, catchy melodies and a freshness that’s impossible not to get lost in.” – read more at Drowned in Sound

Website: www.midlake.com
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YouTube: It’s Going Down video via VDub Sessions