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Mansions on the Moon

Hometown: Los Angeles, California via Virginia Beach, Virginia
Member(s): Ted Wendler (vocals, guitar, keys),  Ben Hazlegrove (vocals, keys), Lane Shaw (drums), Jeff Maccora (bass, keys)

Relative to: Young Magic, Gemini Club, Midi Matilda
Genre: chillwave, electro pop

For when you’re: taking a break between surf sessions

Release(s): Paradise Falls Mixtape, Lightyears EP, Full Moon, Lost and Found
Highlight Track(s): Desert Island, Radio, Athens
Highlight Lyric: “And something seems so common/ Been givin’ it up like yesterdays/ I think I feel the fondness/ It’s all around me/ But it’s that real life/ It’s all they talk about while they look around/ It’s all they know” from Heart of the Moment

Highlight Review: “Mansions on the Moon make glitzy indie pop that could soundtrack a hypothetical iconic 80’s flick set in a space-station in 2045. If that doesn’t sound like SO MUCH FUN to you, we don’t know what does.” – read more at Falling Whistles

Website: www.mansionsonthemoon.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: She Makes Me Feel video via Illusive Music