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The Ceremonies

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Member(s): Matthew Cook (vocals, guitar), Mark Cook (vocals, guitar, sax), Michael Cook (vocals, keys, percussion)

Relative to: Those Dancing Days, Mansions on the Moon, Uh Huh Her
Genre: 80’s rock pop

For when you’re: hosting a John Hughes movie marathon

Release(s): The Ceremonies EP, Land of Gathering (single)
Highlight Track(s): Land of Gathering, Straw Hat
Highlight Lyric: I kept her in the shape of the night/ But not as a prisoner of war/ Tell the analysis it isn’t alright/ ‘Cause this part of the mind is dressed in childish decor” from Wolfdance

Highlight Review: “Drawn in part from ’80s new wave and post-punk, the group’s sound is a genre-blurring blend of rock, as evidenced by their debut single, “Land of Gathering.” The bold number is a conflagration of pounding drums and live-wire energy all but missing from radio today, armed with anthemic harmonies and a distinctly otherworldly sensibility.” – read more at V Magazine

Website: www.theceremonies.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Land of Gathering video via AllSaints