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Sons of an Illustrious Father

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Member(s): Josh Aubin (vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion), Lilah Larson (vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, bass), Ezra Miller (vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards), with Sofia Albam (vocals, guitar, accordian), Jake Generalli (vocals, acoustic guitar)

Relative to: Pixies, Janis Joplin, Patti Smith
Genre: blues rock folk

For when you’re: imitating your own Woodstock experience at this year’s Summer fest

Release(s): Sons of an Illustrious Father, We Are Dead and Reborn EP, One Body
Highlight Track(s): We Will Do Great Things, I Will Kill You in Your Sleep, Moonshiner
Highlight Lyric: “but you’re lazy dreaming / Get none of my sympathy/  Oh! there you go/ Doing anything just to get by/ Don’t you know/ You got to save your own soul/ Or you will die die die” from Mr. Nobody

Highlight Review: “They are talented multi-instrumentalists, wielding guitars, accordion, banjo, mandolin, and drums with obvious mastery and passion. Pair that with achingly gorgeous harmonies that brilliantly underscore clever and often intense lyrics, and the result is nothing less than breathtaking.: – read more at The Ruckus

Website: www.sonsofanillustriousfather.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: We Are Born and We Die video via Folk to Folk