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The Lone Bellow

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee via Brooklyn, New York
Member(s): Zach Williams (vocals, guitar), Kanene Donehey Pipkin (vocals, mandolin), Brian Elmquist (vocals, guitar) with Ben Mars (bass), Brian Murphy (keyboards), Matt Knapp (lap steel and electric guitar), Jason Pipkin (banjo, mandolin), and Brian Griffin (drums)

Relative to: Dawes, Good Ol War, River City Extension
Genre: country folk

For when you’re: making a big life changing decision to go or to stay

Release(s): The Lone Bellow
Highlight Track(s): Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold, You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To
Highlight Lyric: “Slow regrets that live in the dark/ I’ve written them down, but
I know them by heart/ I’ve counted the cost of this loneliness/ I’ve paid for the crime and someday I’ll die/ With you in my mind” from Looking for You

Highlight Review: “voices bolt through a frantic tale of losing everything for love, the drums galloping, the guitars sketching form to the melody and Williams’ voice embracing the treasure of survival. It is the love that mattered, not all that has been surrendered for it.” – read more at Paste Magazine

Website: www.thelonebellow.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Teach Me to Know video via WGBH